How much does it cost? 


Because Canvas & Conversation comes to you it is a minimum of 6 canvases.

$35 per 16 x 20 canvas (Adults)

$20 per 11 x 14 canvas board (Kiddos under 15)

Special Events: $35 per 16 x 20 canvas. 

Pre-paying for special events guarantees your spot and is recommended. Any pre-paid event reservation that is not cancelled within 24 hours of the event is non-refundable.


~  Private Party Packages  ~

Regular Painting Party: Includes up to 10, 16 x 20 canvases, 2-3 hours of instruction/painting, clean up and set up at your location for $225. Each additional canvas is $25.00.

Slumber Party Special (Kids Party): Friday evening or Saturday/Sunday morning or early afternoon, up to 10, 11 x 14 canvas boards, 2 hours of instruction/painting. Clean up and set up at your location for $175. Each additional canvas board is $10. Children 4-7 yr. old may need an adult’s help. This type of party is best for ages 8-15 yr. old.

A $50 deposit is required at time of booking to hold the date for a private party

Parties over 50 miles of the Evansville, IN area are an additional $25 travel fee.

~ Being a Host for a Canvas & Conversation Event ~

You have a business and want to paint. Host an Event!! Canvas & Conversation will come to your business and set up a painting event that we can both advertise for. It is open to the public. I will advertise it on my website and FB page and you can do the same. I will even make up posters or flyer or table-tents if need be.  You will get a captive audience of customers for 2-3 hours that will enjoy looking at your shop, eating and drinking from your bar or menu and feel good PR. This would be great for your “off nights”.

~ Special Requests and Organizations Rates ~

“My Girl Scout troop or kids class wants to do a painting party, event as part of our program. How do we go about that?”

“I want to do something special for my anniversary, birthday, etc. But I need….”

Any special request will be considered. Call Alena at C & C and she will help you make your event or program happen so that it is a win-win for both you, your organization and Canvas & Conversation.